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Zero Moment Media ( ZMM ) is a Digital and Social Media consultancy advising clients who are looking to create and manage their Digital Presence across any device or platform - IPTV, OTT, DTH, VOD or Mobile - by providing business consulting expertise in digital technology, strategy, monetisation and distribution.


As Enterprises, TV Broadcasters and Media Agencies seek to extend their brands and those of their clients across fast emerging digital technologies and platforms such as OTT, ZMM can be a trusted partner to help you to navigate a complex digital eco-system. Your consumers and customers expect to be able to access your services and solutions across any IP connected device where and when they want to - if they don't find you they will go to a brand that is available. A failure to offer this multi touchpoint digital access means losing market share and revenues to your rivals.


  • ZMM offer leading edge business consulting and can help you to create, execute and measure digital media strategies across the entire digital workflow - content creation, distribution, monetisation, optimisation and measurement to ensure ROI on your investment. We can provide additional expert resource to support your existing teams for as long as you need us. ZMM can also advise investors in new start ups on strategy, hiring, business planning and vendor selection.


  • ZMM can give you a Digital MOT - we'll give you a one hour workshop consultation, let us assess your Digital Presence strategy and make suggestions on how to extend your brand across the multi-platform landscape.
  • The benefit for our clients is that they have access to cutting edge digital media experience and knowledge that can be applied to ad hoc projects at cost effective rates so that business objectives are achieved without the costs of unnecessary long term hiring. 


  • ZMM offers a wide range of skills and solutions that can be tapped into as and when required due to e.g. staff shortages, new business winss or changes in strategic direction.


ZMM adds real, impactful value to your business whilst keeping your overheads to a  minimum.

We have in depth experience of working with major TV broadcasters, brands and technology vendors which gives us a unique insight that can be applied to your business.

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